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Quote Request Private Chef

A quote request private chef service is an easy step to follow. You need to get very few details about your expectations, preferences and wonders, that our chef will organize step by step for the perfect event with your family or friends. Feel free to follow the three steps to hire a private chef. 

3 steps to hire a private chef at your home

Arrábida Tasting provides private chef services in Lisbon, Cascais, Estoril, Oeiras, Setúbal, Tróia, Azeitão, Comporta in the comfort of your house or apartment.

Always explain your idea and possible health restrictions. Our chef will get in touch to discuss some details and explain possible doubts you may have.

After the menu agreement, the team will prepare everything that the only work you will have is to enjoy the meal, tasting the different flavors of the chosen menu.

Our Head Chef can provide you with Sample Menus from where you can choose or you can totally customize your meal from Starter to Dessert. The menu of your event you will decide on the call with our head of private chef service.

Each menu and private chef service is different due to customized service. However, generally our team arrives 1 hour before the serving of the menu. In some cases might requires further time. 

If some guests have dietary requirements it is NOT a problem. Always mention this point during the conversation with our head chef and let him know. It is always best to provide a menu accordingly, however in some cases might not be possible. In this case, we are happy to suggest you a different dish and serve it on the day of the event.

To provide excellence in our services, every quote we give is tailor-made. Includes: ingredients, transportation, and service. We are committed to ensuring that you enjoy a moment of excellence and pleasure while enjoying your meal.