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Cooking Class in Setúbal

Cooking Class in Setúbal is at a private flat with a local, in this marvelous city in the South of Lisbon. Together, you will prepare a real traditional meal. You will be able to make the dishes at home, after your vacation in Portugal.

Be prepared to relieve your senses, during the cooking class which is totally hands-on. During the class, you will have the possibility to drink amazing local wines. Setúbal Wine region has a lot of winemakers and it is know by the Muscat Wine (Moscatel de Setúbal). After the preparation, we will sit and relax for an amazing night.

Setúbal district is rich in fruits, wines, Moscatel de Setúbal, and fish dishes, besides other types of activities. Have a unique experience while you are on vacation in our region, learning the very best of the Portuguese gastronomy, wines, and Setúbal region.

Highlights of the Cooking Classes in Setúbal

Notes about this Setúbal Cooking Classes

Arrábida Tasting can accept different bookings for the same cooking classes.
Minimum 2 people and a maximum of 6 persons.
You should provide us with any allergies that you may have or health restrictions, that we can prepare and adapt based on the Portuguese traditional dishes.

Market Tour with Cooking Class

Setúbal Market Tour Food

Discover the Livramento Market in Setúbal on a Market Tour with Cooking Class.

You will learn about the Setúbal and Portuguese traditions, different fishes and possible dishes to cook.

After the visit to the local market, our cooking class in a total private environment. Food and Drinks included.